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Your body needs oxygen. Our clean, efficient process of delivering Activated Stabilized Oxygen to muscles is clinically proven to improve overall performance.

The Daily Wellness Solution

Give yourself a daily dose of health. ASO® optimizes oxygen levels in the body for natural energy, mental clarity, and improved recovery from physical stressors.

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ASO Sport™ Delivers When It Matters Most

A powerhouse pre-workout sport supplement combining plant-sourced minerals and Activated Stabilized Oxygen—tested and proven to provide critical recovery for athletes.

Powered by ASO®

We use our proprietary Activated Stabilized Oxygen to optimize nutritional assimilation and utilization of essential minerals for peak performance and recovery.

Increased Endurance

Increased oxygen in the bloodstream means more energy to power muscles and fight the energy-zapping effects of lactic acid.

Faster Recovery

Professional athletes rely on ASO Sport™ for the muscle recovery needed to perform at their peak power and energy levels.


Our liquid mineral formulas are chosen specifically with an athlete’s needs in mind. Plant-based minerals are the only mineral forms that are completely bioactive.

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Formulated for Performance

There are no two ways about it. When it comes to peak performance, nothing has a greater impact than oxygen in the bloodstream. When oxygen gets depleted in the cells, muscle fatigue takes over and robs your body of its power. The quickest way to address this is to reintroduce a concentrated dose back into the muscles. Our proprietary Activated Stabilized Oxygen does just that.

Proven to Provide Better Recovery

Following a randomized, double-blind clinical study in a group of trained runners, it was determined that ASO® had a significant effect on improving lactate clearance during the recovery phase.

Plant-based Ingredients
from the U.S.A.

ASO Sport™ supplements are made with 100% natural plant-based minerals. We carefully choose our raw materials from only the best sources in the United States, for sport supplements you can trust and results you can count on.

A Blend for Every Body

Target Muscle Soreness

Original recovery formula with a boost of magnesium, chromium and zinc to target muscle soreness.

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Fight Your Fatigue

Formulated with plant-sourced iron, zinc and copper to help fight fatigue and optimize O2 absorption.

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Improve Mobility

Optimized for joint support with MSM plus magnesium and zinc to improve mobility.

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